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Lamps from China

Like much of the globe, nail services in China are not regulated. If we’re not able to have standards regulated here in the UK, then it’s even more difficult in such a massive country!  But many nail professionals are desperate for factual information.

I have recently been told that many UV gel users in China are reporting that the skin on their hands is turning darker i.e a tan!  It is not specific if this is consumers or clients but it is happening!

Chinese people embrace their light skin tone and many shy away from getting tanned skin. But it goes further than that – Why are UV nail lamps tanning hands?

Many manufacturers of UV nail lamps (that are predominantly Chinese) do not understand the scientific process of curing UV gel. They do not understand the importance of specific wavelengths for specific brands. So, they may be manufacturing nail lamps with LED bulbs, but with no concern to the wavelength.

Unless the UV emission is specific within the UVA spectrum, it is perfectly possible to tan skin! It just needs to dip into the UVB spectrum to kick start the skin tanning process.

No wonder many clients are worried about skin cancer!!

Any electrical appliance sold in the EU (including the UK)  needs to have a genuine CE mark (and there are many fakes! Here is a link that can help:

In addition to this, and this is crucial, is the fact that the UV lamp must have been tested to ensure that it ‘properly cures’ every UV gel coating for the brand that sell, or recommends the UV lamp.

We all know that many nail professionals buy UV lamps directly from Chinese websites. We also know that many brands buy the same lamps and do not have them tested for a ‘proper cure’ (although it is illegal to not do this under the Cosmetic Regs).

We have more than enough challenges in our industry! Do we really need another that is exposing clients to harmful UV energy? 

Please be careful what you buy from internet sites and, unfortunately, some ‘professional’ brands. 

There are so many advisory blogs, social media and government approved organisations that help with this! There really is no excuse to put both you and your clients at risk.

One such organisation is:


Keep you and your clients safe! There is no excuse to ignore the scientific facts!!

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