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Sistemas de fibra de vidro

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This is a three-part component system that uses a fabric mesh, resin and a resin ativador to create artificial revestimentos de unhas.

What's in the fibreglass system?

Fabric Mesh

The fabric in this system provides a reinforced estrutura, acting like the polímero beads in the liquid monômero e pó de polímero system, blocking cracks from spreading. Typically the fabric mesh is fibreglass or natural silk mesh. There are slight differences between the two, fibreglass doesn’t absorb the resin as well as the silk which is why silk mesh is less visible. Fibreglass is slightly stronger as it stays as fibreglass and does not soak up the resin. The fabric mesh is needed as the resin when it polymerises does not form cross-links to other polymer chains, meaning it is slightly weaker on its own, which is why the mesh is used to provide additional strength and durability.


Although referred to as resin, this component is actually a cianoacrilato. There are various types on the market, some are thick géis, others thinner. Cyanoacrylate bonds strongly with the placa ungueal and is also used as nail adhesives and for adding dicas de unhas to nails. This family of acrilatos cura when exposed to moisture in the air.

Cyanoacrylates themselves rarely cause reações alérgicas reactions however there are additional produtos químicos within their formulations that may cause adverse skin reactions.

The resin breaks down quickly in water and in acetona, due to its chemical structure.

Resin Activator

As mentioned above, the resin starts polymerising when exposed to moisture in the air. An activator is used to speed up the process and to ensure a cura adequada, either a spray or pincel.-on is used.  When using a spray be careful and cautious, normally only a tiny amount of activator is needed; too much can cause a pico de calor.  A brush on activator produces a slower but more controllable cure.

Precautions and issues with the fibreglass system

This system is not as strong as the other systems but can still produce great results especially on shorter nails or with clients who are not too hard on their nails.  

As it is a different formulation to the other systems it may be suitable for clients who have developed a sensitivity to other systems. 

Overuse of the activator spray can cause a painful heat spike; usually only a very short spray 30cm from the nail is need.

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