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Aplicando aprimoramentos de unhas em crianças?

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Aplicando aprimoramentos de unhas em crianças?


What about applying nail enhancements to children under 16? I’ve been told that this is unsafe. Why?


I hear this question often and I generally reply in this way: wearing any type of nail revestimento is like owning a puppy. Mom and dad should be the ones to decide when their child or young adult is old enough to have either a puppy or revestimentos de unhas. Since I am unaware of any scientific or medical information that suggests there is some minimum age, I think it is best to rely on the parent’s decision to determine the right age for this or any other type of salon service. Different people reach the required maturity at different ages.

Puppies are a lot of fun to own and in a young person’s mind, so are artificial nail coatings.  However, just like puppies, nail coatings require responsible care, maintenance, and upkeep expenses. This requires a certain level of maturity and commitment. I know 40-year-olds that don’t fit this requirement and should NOT be wearing enhancements. So who’s to say a responsible teenager shouldn’t wear them? Of course, your professional opinion should come into play as well. If you as a profissional de unhas. are ever uncomfortable with applying any type of artificial nail coatings to anyone for any reason, then don’t do it. And that includes applying nail enhancements to children.

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