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Nail Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis and what causes it?

Psoríase is a chronic, systemic, non-contagious autoimmune disease with periodic manifestations in the form of severe skin lesions and dermatite. The skin manifestations are characterised by red itchy patches with white scales on top. The nails are often affected too. Symptoms on the nail surfaces appear as pitting – tiny depressions in the placas de pregos, effecting nail shape and nail growth.

The exact causes are still unknown, but have been thoroughly studied. The autoimmune process plays a major role in the development of this condition.

A quem isso afeta?

Anyone, but mostly adults. All parts of the nail can be involved and affected, including the nail matriz e leito ungueal.

Como os técnicos de unhas podem ajudar?

There is no cura as of yet – treatment should only be provided by medical professionals.

Condition or no condition, profissionais de unhas play a key role in making clients feel great about their nails. It is perfectly fine to perform cosmetic treatments when working with psoriatic skin or nails providing suitable skin and cuidados com as unhas products are used and fragrances, essential oils or irritants are avoided. Nail technicians may find they experience problems with artificial product adhesion to the unha natural in some client cases.

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