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Uv Gels better than acrylics

Are UV Gels better for your Nails than Acrylics?


Myth: UV gels are better for your nails than acrylics?

Absolutely false! Every type of Unhas de gel UV and all types of so-called “acrylic” (aka liquid/powder) nail enhancements are made from acrylic ingredients and are curado by acrylic química, therefore both of these types of nail aprimoramento coatings are just as “acrylic” as the other, regardless of how they are marketed.

Other than marketing claims and application procedures, the only real differences between these two types of systems are in the way they harden (polymerize).

UV Gels and Liquid and Powder hardening process

Géis UV utilize a UV sensitive curing agent to harden the revestimento de unhas, while liquid/powder systems use heat sensitive curing agents to achieve the same end result. A UV sensitive curing agent could be placed into a liquid/powder system and cured via UV nail lamps and the reverse is also true; a heat sensitive curing agent could be placed into a UV gel and these could be cured without UV.

Of course, neither of these makes sense for salon products, which is why this isn’t done, but the point remains… these two types of systems are very similar and one is NOT any better for the nail or safer than the other.

UV Gel and Liquid and Powder systems are safe

Both UV gels and líquido e pó systems are safe when used per manufacturer instructions and “neither” will harm the unha natural when properly applied, maintained, and removed by trained professionals.

Important facts to remember  

Wearing any type of enhancement or revestimento can lead to nail damage IF the Técnico de unhas improperly applies the nail coating or if they (or their clients) improperly remove them. Nail enhancement and other nail coating products are safe for the natural nail if properly applied, maintained, and removed. No type of artificial nail is safer or better for the natural nail than another. If nail damage occurs while wearing enhancements, this is usually a result of over-filing or other improper application or removal procedures. To prevent this, profissionais de unhas should educate themselves about how to work in a manner that protects the natural nail from damage.

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