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Are you getting the correct information

Are you getting the correct information?


As so often, I have an idea for a blog by reading social media. It is obviously used by 1000’s to get some help and advice. So often, it is a technical or nail/skin condition question. There are MANY Groups set up to be helpful. But what happens in reality? Are you getting the correct information?

So many are aimed at ‘professionals’ but it is clear that not all members are, actually, professionals. Some are, maybe,  DIY’ers.  Not dreadful, really, as we can help them to stay safe.

What is a big problem though is the vast number of comments then added! There are so many ‘opinions’ mixed with good ‘facts’. But how do members know who is correct?

Then, there are those that don’t bother to read the whole thread, and just repeat what has already been said.

There is no easy answer to this. But there are a few solutions. 

If someone comments and it sounds Ok but you’re not sure: ask for proof. Anyone giving factual advice should always be happy to provide proof or support. If anyone takes this personally, then maybe ‘proof’ of correct information is not available!

Another solution is to look at the commentator’s profile. See their level of experience and what else they comment on.

Another is to see how many other Pros ‘like’ their comments. That doesn’t usually happen if the comment is not supported by others.

Social media has created a vast raft of ‘experts’. How do you know who to believe? The number of ‘followers’, especially on YouTube and Instagram, is meaningless even though so many put so much belief in the so-called ‘influencers’. 

There is a huge amount more involved than being good to gather ‘followers’.

Beware who you believe and listen to!

Your education is totally YOUR responsibility and no one else’s. Due diligence, research, good beginners education, CPD….your responsibility. 

Don’t believe everything you read or see on social media.

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