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New Nail Brand conversion courses

Conversion Course for a new brand YES? or NO?


Once upon a time if you wanted to purchase a new brand (new to you) you had to provide proof of your qualification e.g. manicure. PLUS had to do a conversion course in the brand. This may be one day or even a few hours, inexpensive or even free.

The reason for this is to discover the characteristics of the products both in what they do and why but also in their application characteristics. All brands are slightly different and all have their own characters and techniques.

This means you’ll be off to a head start when using them on your clients and understand why when things don’t quite go according to plan. If you don’t do this I would never advise going straight to use on clients without having many test runs first, even if it is only on you and your colleagues/friends/family.

The Importance of Continuing Education and Investing in Your Professional Development

Never dismiss the importance of more education, ever!! Invest your time in providing the best service you can. If there is a fee then build that into your rebranding budget.

Why Investing in Proper Qualifications and Brand Education Matters for Long-Term Success

A lot of brands do ask for proof of qualification before opening an account. But I only know of one brand that provides education for free. If you are not asked for proof of qualification then the brand doesn’t care about whom they sell to (maybe DIY’ers?) and therefore doesn’t really care about the efficiency of their brand. That is a red flag as it’s poor customer care that may come back to bite you if you have problems in the future.

Why Continuing Education is Essential for Success

What you need to do is let your clients know you have had good education and know what you are doing in general and specifically with the product you are using.

It is important to ensure that the products you use are safe and trustworthy. While there may be a common belief that products imported from a specific country may be of lower quality, it is worth noting that this is not always the case. It is important to be aware that some manufacturers may not provide accurate information regarding the ingredients in their products, which can raise concerns about their safety.

Sorting Out the Good from the Bad: Navigating New Brands on the Market

At every chance, you get to do some education with your chosen brand. Update your skills. Every educator will have something new to share with you that you may consider the best tip ever!

With nails, you don’t just learn once! You must learn over and over again and add a bit more knowledge and skill every time to get better and better as time goes on as research and facts change.

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