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Is being a teacher your next career move?

Is being a Teacher Your Next Career Move?

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I am seeing a lot of social media posts asking about how to become a teacher. Many have been struggling during the pandemic that still continues. Pivoting and finding a different career route CAN be the answer. But is it being a teacher?

Being a fabulous and skilled profissional de unhas. is a very good start. And here comes the ‘but’: being a good nail pro and being a teacher are two very different skills. Both have to be learned and understood. Some, though, are natural teachers.

Wanting to become a teacher to bring in additional income really is not any good solution unless you embrace the skill of teaching.

Let us look at the basics that are required:

  • You may totally know how to provide a specific nail service BUT can you break down all of the steps and all of the client focussed amendments in order to make every single student with a variety of learning styles understand each step?
  • You may understand an in-depth process but can you explain that process back so many different people can also understand it? (For me, this is the key to true understanding)
  • The psychology of learning is facsinating as every individual has a different way of learning, whether they know that or not:
    • some like reading
    • others, listening
    • some are visual
    • some are practical
    • that is just a few of the most obvious as there are many combinations including conditions like dyslexia or ‘special needs’

To become a teacher for nail services requires two very distinct skills. A great nail pro + a great teacher! Being a good teacher is either instinctive or you learn how. Either is good.

In order to teach effectively, you must break down into bite-sized pieces every practical step in a very clear way. You have to clarify ‘why’, ‘when’, and when to adapt. This isn’t easy when these steps are so natural for the nail pro. It’s like muscle memory.

It doesn’t stop there. Constructive criticism, assessment, and recognising why and how students may be going wrong is a skill of its own. It may be as simple as the angle of the pincel.. How to hold the finger or the arquivo. So much more.

In order to get meaningful teachers insurance, you also need to have a ‘teachers qualification’. Many new companies are popping up offering these online. In the UK, the only meaningful qualification is regulated by OFQUAL. If it isn’t OFQUAL regulated, then the insurance available may not be either recognised or accepted by other underwriters, brokers, or other countries. 

So, in conclusion, teaching is a great career progression BUT is it for you?? Just for extra income when you don’t have a desire to ‘share’, nor a vocational intent, then, maybe think again. It isn’t a quick fix to more income.

The very best result for a teacher is that your students end up better than you! And that should make you proud!

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