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Nails changing colour

Stained Nails: Understanding the Causes and Prevention


Have you ever had clients complaining about their nails changing colour or becoming stained? It’s a common concern that many profissionais de unhas encounter.

The primary reasons for nails changing colour are often linked to various external factors, such as dye from fabrics, tanning solutions, cleaning products, hair colour, and even smoking (nicotine). These culprits can affect the edges of the nails or the entire revestimento de unhas, leading to unwanted discolouration.

Certain pigmentos,, especially in pink-coloured coatings, can be unstable and change when exposed to sunlight. To prevent such issues, using a good topcoat and ensuring the edges are capped can be helpful.

However, one critical aspect to consider is the proper cura of coatings. Only porous coatings are susceptible to staining, and if the coatings are not adequately cured, they can become more porous. So, it’s crucial to check the effectiveness of your cabine UV and ensure it matches the right specifications.

To avoid the annoyance of nail discolouration, using a buff-off topcoat instead of a soak-off one can act as a less porous shield, providing additional protection.

With a better understanding of the causes and prevention methods, you can help your clients maintain beautiful, unstained nails. Preventing nail discolouration is indeed achievable with the right techniques and care.

Preventing Stained Nails – Tips and Techniques

Preventing nails from changing colour is not only beneficial for your client’s satisfaction but also essential for the reputation of your nail services. By taking proactive measures, you can ensure your clients’ nails remain vibrant and stain-free.

Regularly educate your clients about potential staining factors and advise them on proper aftercare to maintain their beautiful manicures. Encourage the use of gloves while handling cleaning products and hair dyes to minimize exposure. Suggest wearing sunscreen on your hands to protect against sunlight-induced pigment changes.

Additionally, keep a watchful eye on the condition of your cabine UV. If you notice any decline in its performance or uneven curing of coatings, consider investing in a new, high-quality lamp that aligns with your specific product requirements. A well-functioning UV lamp is crucial for achieving optimal and long-lasting results.

Incorporating a buff-off topcoat into your nail services can be a game-changer. Not only does it act as a protective barrier against staining, but it also reduces the risk of chipping and peeling. Your clients will appreciate the added durability and resilience of their manicures.

Maintaining Stain-Free Nails – The Key to Nail Success

Remember, prevention is the key to success. By implementing these preventive measures and staying updated on the latest industry practices, you can elevate your nail services and ensure your clients leave with stunning, stain-free nails.

In conclusion, understanding the causes of stained nails and taking proactive steps to prevent them are essential aspects of providing top-notch nail services. Emphasize the importance of proper curing, educate your clients on aftercare, and recommend suitable products to maintain the integrity of their manicures. With your expertise and dedication to maintaining stain-free nails, your clients will keep coming back for flawless and long-lasting results.

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