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Theory Certified - Nail Allergies

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This nail allergies masterclass brings you up to date with recent research and the various mechanisms that can create allergic reactions to some nail products.

This teaching on understanding allergies in XYZ  goes above and beyond usual education and demonstrates, in an animated format, how the XYZ


This Masterclass explains the science behind…   and ensures the recipient has attained a suitable level of competence in the understanding of this topic. The Knowledge points  at the end of the Lesson must be passed with 100%.

Achievement of this Masterclass demonstrates that the recipient has attained a level of competence that assures professional understanding in order to work knowledgeably and ethically

Earning Criteria

  •  The recipient has attained a level of competence appropriate for professional practice.
  • Complete a comprehensive 11 minute training video laid out over 1 lesson.
  • Pass 5 knowledge point exam.
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