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Airbrushing UV gel

Airbrushing UV Gel… Are You Sure??


I’m told that in some areas there is a new ‘thing’: Airbrushing O esmalte em gel! Not only that, but some mix acetona into bottles of UV o esmalte em gel to create the right consistency to go through an airbrush!

So, where to start with this!!??????

EVERYONE must know by now that UV gel is packed full of alergênicos. Right? An airbrush, by definition, virtually atomizes a liquid and puts it in the air. Is that really sensible?

Many must have seen personnel working in a paint shop. The painters wear full Hazchem suits and very heavy-duty gas masks with huge filters. They also work in an environment with industrial extraction.

An airbrush in a nail salon doesn’t quite add up to that situation. 

Then, think about what acetone is used for……. It breaks the bonds in the polymerized revestimentos and the adhesion bonds between the revestimento layer and the placa ungueal. How can anyone think that mixing this into a UV gel esmalte is going to help the efficiency and adhesion of the coating?

A pure UV gel polish does not have any solventes. in it. A hybrid UV gel polish does but not acetone. The solvents are just there to speed up removal. The evaporation of the solvents during cura creates tiny ‘pores’ that allow the acetone to penetrate the whole coating.

Please do not consider any idea of putting UV gel polish into the atmosphere! Just reread the above and think about the logic of it.

I believe there is at least one company that is selling this system of airbrushing UV gel. I wonder how much research has been done over a long period of time to see how sensitive people react to breathing in vaporized allergens.

Understanding the science of your products stands you in good stead in making wise choices.

Choose wisely!

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