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media stories on nail services

Are your clients getting worried about the media stories?


Just remember you are the expert professional in this relationship so should be confident in your knowledge and advice.

Allergic reactions on the increase

We are all aware of the worrying level of reações alérgicas reactions that are happening. It is a story that the media have picked up on and will keep going for a while. You need to instil confidence in your clients and not let the stores worry them.

The most common cause are the DIY kits from the high street so the fact they come to you means they are much safer.

Common problems which can create allergies

The problem almost exclusivity comes from unreacted monômeros which are known alergênicos. This can happen if the revestimentos de unhas are not properly curado, due to using the mis matched cabine UV or it can be a product that has a high % of monomers that are unable to properly cure and then leach on the skin during wear or during removal.

Good education is key

What you need to do is let your clients know you have had good education and know what you are doing in general and specifically with the product you are using.

It is important to ensure that the products you use are safe. While there is a perception that products imported from certain countries may be of lower quality, it is important to note that not all products from those countries are bad. However, some manufacturers may not provide accurate information about the ingredients in their products, which can create concerns about their safety.

Sorting Out the Good from the Bad: Navigating New Brands on the Market

There are many new brands on the market that really know what they are doing there are also many who have no idea what they are selling and what is important.

HEMA free can help but HEMA is not the devil in this story. It is the level of it in the product. There is a safe and unsafe level for every química.

At the right dose, medication can cure you; at the wrong or too high dose it can kill you!

Why Educating Clients on Your Brand Choice Matters

Have a very good reason why you use the brand that you do and explain this to your clients. Make sure it’s a brand that provides great education and do it and explain this.

Understanding the Safety of UV Lamps in Gel Manicures

The other scare for clients is the UV lamps/ So much has been written and explained about this. having a O esmalte em gel manicure. every two weeks is the equivalent to two minutes in daylight and a lot less than driving a car in the sun! If a client is especially worried, use SPF or fingerless gloves.

Building Trust and Confidence Before Media Stories Arise

Educate your clients before they read the media stories so they’re already confident in you, your skills before anything worries them.

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