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Buyer Beware!

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From this month (September ’21) it is now illegal to sell UV curado products that contain HEMA and di-HEMA in retail stores. This applies to the UK and the EU. These must be ‘for professional use only’ and we all know why!

However, this has turned the consumer customer (and some uneducated professionals) into on-line purchasing! This has always been the case, but new brands are popping up even faster than ever before.

DO NOT be taken in by the marketing stories! Nor the price! If you are reading this as a professional or a consumer, these brands are WRONG!

As a professional you must use ‘pro only’ brands! You must set yourselves apart from the consumer! Hopefully, you are educated and know the science and health & safety from using UV cured materials? How can you ‘charge your worth’ if you are using products that anyone can buy? By buying into a professional range that has proven safety and excellent customer service you are proving you ARE the professional and will have endless help when faced with challenges.

As a consumer (or pro) do NOT believe the marketing hype! UV cured products are FULL of alergênicos and need careful working practices where an reação alérgica can be (almost) 100% avoidable.

The UV lamps sold with these ‘promoted’ on-line brands do not have a safe cabine UV to cure the products. They also promote ingredients whose properties they claim are just NOT true! For example: added calcium or any number of vitamins that will improve nail condition is not true! The placa ungueal is non-living, and these additives do not penetrate the nail into the leito ungueal.

UV cured products really should not be sold to the consumer. In 2018 the British Association of Dermatologists identified an ‘alergia epidemic’ from use of these types of retail products. This spills over into the pro industry!

Once an allergy is created, it is for life! So many people who want this fabulous service for their nails can never wear UV o esmalte em gel or any other UV cured product again!

It also has far greater medical implications!

Professionals: DO NOT buy from the cheap internet brands. Be a professional!

Consumers: DO NOT but these cheap ‘fabulous nail’ brands off the internet. They do not tell the accurate story! They can very easily create an reações alérgicas reaction that is stressful – and for life!

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