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With so much talk in the news about teachers and school curriculum, I have been comparing it to education in the nail sector.

It is clear that children (with no preconceived ideas and knowledge) do not all learn in the same way and at the same speed. Also, why is so much taught that will not be of any real use in their adult life?  Why not subjects such as opening and using a bank account and personal budgets?

The exact same applies to nail courses! 

Every learner is different and learns in a different way from anyone else. Plus why are so many important subjects are missing such as health & safety, budgeting, setting fees, relevant insurance policies, etc? But they always teach how to paint a flower! If their future client base is like me, they will never need a flower design but they will need a good ombre! Of course, arte em unhas is an extra source of income but only for the right client base.

This is why every teacher must understand learning styles and make their courses absolutely relevant to starting and running a successful business that has longevity.

A good teacher shows their students where to look but not what to see! Teach them how to find answers and how to ‘see’!

Teaching adults is very different from teaching children because a child is, mostly, a blank canvas. Adults will have their own ideas and views that may need changing. If wrong ideas and views aren’t convincingly changed, then they will not progress and learn the correct way. Hence the many replies on social media “I’ve done it this way for years and had no problem’! Well, you’ve had no problem because you’ve been lucky! Will you recognize the problem if and when it happens, and know how to put it right?

One of the first things I learned in my own teacher training was to understand that differential. The second was learning styles and how to provide for all.

Education is essential in the nail sector but the right education is even more so! Or all that teaching has to be wiped out and rebooted! What a waste of everyone’s time!

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