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The professional nail industry is, in many ways, no different to many other sectors in the beauty industry. But in many other ways, it is completely different!

Historically, hairdresser’s are the older sector. Beautician’s and make-up artist’s have been in evidence for almost as long. Manicure’s were connected with hairdresser’s or make-up artist’s. Beauty Therapy was a term coined in the 80’s. Aesthetician’s are a very recent advanced incarnation of beauty therapy.

Técnico de unhas’s were only really separated in the early 90’s.

We are all aware of the short, fast track and, often, ‘not fit for purpose’ courses that are available for nails and beauty and, to a lesser extent, hair? We have never been a regulated industry, and this is unlikely to change in the near future. The Government are only interested in industry sectors that are capable of regulating themselves. This has not happened yet for the whole of ‘beauty’.

 The whole nail sector has evolved into a place where many believe anyone can become a ‘professional’ in a few days. As a sector, we have allowed this to happen! The take up of the short and ‘not fit for purpose’ has been massive and this has set alarm bells ringing with the ‘powers that be’! In general, we are not acknowledged by anyone. Well, not enough to make any important changes that could have us recognised as a professional career. Beauty and nails are what school leavers do ‘if they are not academic’! Really!?

So, back to the original question of this Blog.

This sector, globally, has a vast number of experts, both in the química and the dermatology of our services and products. Many provide their expertise for free! Are they believed? The answer is ‘yes’ by some; but ‘no’ by many!

Why is this?

  • Belief that the info is a marketing ploy.
  • There is another agenda going on.
  • The info is different to what they were taught.
  • They don’t believe the science.
  • It doesn’t fit with what they want to believe.
  • They buy from a brand that has no idea what they are selling.
  • They believe in the less than factual marketing spins.

It is such a sad and shameful situation. Education levels are probably at their lowest in the whole history of ‘nail services’. BUT there are some amazing education delivered by skilled and knowledgeable teachers!

There is also some amazing, factual information freely available from genuine experts. But many don’t read nor update their knowledge. They provide totally inaccurate answers on social media and are believed! Especially if they have a lot of ‘followers’! (Followers does not make anyone an ‘expert’! They possibly just do ‘pretty nails’ and spend most of their time working on their SM to get money and advertising sponsorship).

O true experts are genuinely concerned with getting correct and factual information out to the global sector! This sector will ONLY survive in the future with knowledge and understanding! NOT with bad information that goes against scientific and anatomical fact.

Why do ‘professionals’ not believe these experts? Who knows! Maybe it doesn’t fit with their own agenda’ or product sales? True experts do not have this agenda! They want the industry to survive and become a true ‘professional career’.

This is why NailKnowledge provides so much free content from some global experts. Of course, we want you to take our Diploma! You will learn so much more than you imagined. But, in the meantime, believe in the FACTS!

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