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Verificação da saúde das unhas

Verificação da saúde das unhas


We are all aware of the alergia situation. Builder products are becoming more and more popular (not always appropriately). What is also becoming more popular are coloured/opaque builders. 

Here is what is also happening far too often:

  • allowing clients to keep a coloured revestimento on for many weeks
  • using an opaque gel construtor or an opaque hard (gel/ and not removing this layer on a very regular basis
  • as so many have reported, unwanted symptoms can appear within days, never mind weeks.

Why do you need to do nail health checks? Well, the last point says it all!
If an opaque layer is left on, then you cannot possibly see the placa ungueal to check that all is well.

What should happen?

  • a UV o esmalte em gel is designed to stay on for 2-3 weeks! Not 4,5,6 etc. It is irrelevant that a client may want this! If they do, then they are NOT the right client for this service. Clients need to be educated as to why this is important. One of the issues of some of the most problematical revestimento de unhas products is the fact that they usually have a high HEMA content!
    Many profissionais de unhas like this because preparação das unhas doesn’t have be so precis. Additionally, clients like the longevity as it will stick like nothing else! Both of these are far from ideal for the health of the nail.
  • it is fine to use an opaque builder or hard gel. BUT you MUST remove it after no longer than 3 weeks wear to check. 
    The solution to this is to remoção. the builder. Or a popular solution is to apply a clear builder or a thin clear coating, then buff or Arquivo eletrônico off the opaque layers. The clear layer will allow to check on the health of the nail before reapplying the colour.
  • an allergy that is not noticed will just keep getting worse, resulting in horrible and painful conditions and possible loss of the nail plate. It is likely to result in the client not being able to wear any acrylate based coating (all except esmalte tradicional.). Plus, they will have wider implications with dental and orthopaedic procedures. 

Big message: do not ignore checking the health of your clients nail plate and leito ungueal!

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