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safety of nail lamps

Stay Safe: How to Ensure the Safety of Your UV Lamp


Nail services are not regulated in many parts of the world, including in the UK. It can be even more challenging in larger countries. However, it’s crucial to have access to factual information, especially when it comes to the safety of clients.

The Dangers of Tanned Hands from Improper Use

Reports suggest that some O esmalte em gel users are experiencing tanned skin on their hands, which is a concerning development. The root cause of this problem is that many cabine UV manufacturers don’t understand the scientific process of cura UV gel, including the importance of specific wavelengths for specific brands. As a result, some lamps may emit UVB wavelengths that can tan skin and expose clients to harmful UV energy, which can increase the risk of câncer de pele.

How to Ensure the Safety of Your UV Lamp

To ensure that you’re using a safe UV lamp, you need to check that it has a genuine CE mark and has been tested to cure every UV gel revestimento for the brand that sells or recommends the lamp. It’s also important to avoid purchasing UV lamps from unverified sources or brands that haven’t tested their lamps properly. Here is a link that can help: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/ce-marking

It’s crucial to take steps to protect your clients and yourself by being careful about what you buy from the internet and some “professional” brands. There are many advisory blogs, social media accounts, and government-approved organizations that can provide useful information and help you make informed choices. There’s no excuse for putting yourself and your clients at risk.
One such organisation is: https://www.ctpa.org.uk

Or: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/cosmetic-products-enforcement-regulations-2013

The Benefits of Ordering Your UV Lamp from a Reputable Brand

If that sounds like a lot of effort – play safe and order your lamp from your brand! It then becomes their responsibility – Good brands offer safe and effective lamps; sure you pay for it but you pay for technical and química knowledge that makes using the brand safe.

Keep you and your clients safe! There is no excuse to ignore the scientific facts!!

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