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Lifting in gel products

Entendendo o levantamento do gel para unhas e o papel dos géis construtores

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As skilled profissionais de unhas, our goal is to deliver not only beautiful but also long-lasting services to your clients. However, despite our best efforts, quebra de serviço – like elevação -can sometimes occur, leaving both us and our clients feeling frustrated.

Lifting is a common issue in the nail industry, but if we understand why it happens and incorporate preventive measures into our work, we could significantly reduce its likelihood.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why (gel/ service breakdowns happen, and the pivotal role géis construtores play in creating flawless and durable gel manicures.

Improper Nail Preparation

One of the primary causes of service breakdown when working with gel products is inadequate nail preparation. Before applying gel products, it is essential to ensure the placa ungueal is clean, dry, and free of any oils or residue.

Failure to do so can lead to poor adhesion between the unha natural and the gel, resulting in premature lifting and chipping.

Always perform thorough nail cleansing before beginning the gel application, firstly by prepping the cuticles properly, making sure there is no dead tissue attached to the nail plate. We must always remember that gel does not adhere to skin, so removing the cutícula from the nail plate, and making sure the product NEVER touches the skin is incredibly important.

Follow that by using the recommended prep liquid to remove surface oils and moisture.

Make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions about which products work best as prep liquids and primers with their product, as they will know best their química formulations.

Avoiding Nail Gel Lifting

The Importance of Proper Polimento and Application Techniques

Thinning the natural nail can also be detrimental to the bonding process of gel products. While it’s crucial to lightly buff the nail to increase the surface are to create better adhesion, excessive buffing and thinning of the nail plate can weaken it, leading to peeling or lifting. Remember – nail products do not damage nails – just improper application and removal do.

Inadequate Curing can Lead to Gel Nail Lifting

Ensuring cura adequada is vital for unhas de gel to adhere correctly. A good understanding of the process of polimerização is crucial to avoid any service breakdown.

If the gel is not curado long enough, if the lamp is not functioning correctly, or if the lamp used is incompatible to the gel system, the product may not fully harden, leading to lifting, bubbling and other issues.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for curing times, always use full systems, and regularly check the bulbs in your UV or LED lamp to make sure it’s working correctly.

Application Technique

The way you apply gel products can significantly impact the longevity of the service. If the gel is applied too thickly, it might not cure properly, which will cause service breakdown. It’s best to always apply thin and even layers of product to ensure proper curing, and to avoid heat spikes.

Always avoid touching the client’s skin, as the gel will not adhere to it, and that area will be the first to lift.

Encourage your clients to seek regular nail appointments to maintain the integrity of their gel manicure., and remember – gel is not meant to last forever and it will start to lose adhesion after a certain time.

Poor-Quality Products

Using low quality gel products can contribute to service breakdown. It’s paramount to always invest in reputable and professional only gel brands, which have been tested and approved, and make sure they offer brand specific training.

Many brands have different application techniques, and learning those could be the difference between a long lasting service and a disaster waiting to happen.

Cheaper alternatives may seem like a great idea at first, but they might compromise the durability of the manicure, leading to dissatisfied clients and negative reviews.

Builder Gels and Their Importance

Builder gels have become an essential tool in many nail professionals’ lives, particularly when it comes to providing additional strength and estrutura to the natural nail. These gels are thicker in consistency than regular gel polishes, making them ideal for creating extensions, correcting uneven nail surfaces, and reinforcing weak nails.

 By using builder gels strategically, you can help prevent common issues like lifting on clients with challenging nails and enhance the overall durability of the manicure.

Correcting Nail Imperfections

When a client has uneven nail surfaces, like ridges or imperfections, builder gels may to the rescue. By applying a thin layer of builder gel to the nail, you can create a smooth and well-structured canvas for the rest of the gel manicure. Ensuring that the nail surface is even reduces the risk of gel lifting since there are no high points or gaps that could compromise adhesion.

Enhancing Nail Strength

Some clients may have naturally weak or unhas finas that are prone to breaking or peeling when external forces are applied. In such cases, applying a builder gel as an sobreposição can significantly reinforce the nails. The added strength and structure from the builder gel can act as a protective shield, reducing the chances of gel lifting and making the manicure more resilient to everyday wear and tear.

Proper Application Techniques

When working with builder gels, it’s essential to pay close attention to the application technique. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to apply thin, even layers to ensure proper curing, as the improper cure will most definitely cause service breakdown (and may have other nasty consequences).

Again, following manufactures’ instructions and knowing how a product works is key!

Encourage your clients to schedule regular maintenance appointments to ensure their builder gel overlays remain intact and to address any potential issues before they become more significant problems.

Compatibility with Gel Polishes

As a nail professional, it’s preferable to work with products of the same brand to ensure chemical compatibility. Mixing products from different brands may lead to unpredictable results, including lifting.

If working with a different brand of builder to the o esmalte em gel, it’s always best to make sure the overlay is properly cured and cleansed before the gel is applied.

Nail Gel Lifting: Mastering the Art of Flawless and Durable Gel Manicures

Mastering the art of gel manicures involves understanding of the polymerisation process and how service breakdown is avoided. By addressing issues such as improper preparação das unhas, over buffing, improper cure, application technique, and poor-quality products, you can minimize lifting and chipping, and deliver flawless, long-lasting gel manicures that leave your clients impressed and satisfied.

Remember to educate your clients on cuidados com as unhas at home and the importance of maintenance to prolong the life of their gel manicures too – they can help us a lot by doing their home work.

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