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What brand of nail products do you recommend

What Brand do you Recommend?

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“What brand do you recommend?”.
This is a question seen many times a day on social media. It is most often asked by profissionais de unhas who have started experiencing an reação alérgica (on themselves or their clients) to the brand they use.

The question is asked and it gets loads of answers! Often just the brand name with no reason why it is being recommended, or with a  comment like “I’ve used it for 2 years and had no problems”. Sometimes there is a recommendation for a HEMA-free or a hipoalergênico brand.

This and just a brand name are really not helpful at all!! 

There is ONLY one solution to an allergy problem and that is getting a dermatological patch test with a focus on ‘acrilatos’. That will identify exactly what is causing the reaction, and only then should the research start for products that do not contain the specific ingredients in any % at all.

HEMA is so often named as the cause of an allergy. But HEMA is just one of many acrylates that can cause a problem all of which can be the cause as they are mostly known alergênicos. However, those with a HEMA allergy are more likely to have a problem with others, too, so an individual can end up with a long list or even ALL acrylates. This would be a ‘game over’ as even gloves may not be enough!


This is a family of produtos químicos that are in all UV curado e L&P products. But they are NOT in traditional esmaltes para unhas (with the exception of some ‘long wear’ top coats). Acrylates cannot be avoided when using Géis UV and L&P, so it all depends on which acrylates are causing the problem. 

You can read as many labels and SDS as you like; you can try as many brands as you like (which is expensive and so often a waste of money). However, until you know what you are reações alérgicas to, it is a waste of time!


This is a term that, when correctly used, describes a product that is less likely to cause an allergy. But it STILL can, as it still contains acrylates! So you can be hopeful but the patch test is still needed, and labels and SDS need studying.

More and more nail pros are losing their careers due to alergias and client numbers are decreasing for the same reason.

Watch our FREE video to gain more got an understanding of How Allergies Happen (LINK)

For those that cannot bare to have bare nails, then nail esmalte is a very good option! Just check on the label of the top coats and make sure there are no acrylates present.

For those asking for recommendations because of another reason, such as cost, colour choices, range of product alternatives, etc., then there is no point just getting an answer with a brand name. You need to know exactly why the brand is recommended! What makes it better than others? 

In conclusion: if you have a reaction of any kind, get a patch test!!
Don’t just ask for recommendations! 

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