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What makes a good Teacher in Nail Sector

What makes a teacher in the nail sector?


There are thousands of nail services teachers both for brands and colleges and thousands more wanting to be.

But what makes a nail sector teacher?

Well, in the nail sector, it is of extreme importance to be very skilled and knowledgeable in all things ‘nails’: the application/practical aspect (you need to make it look easy!) But also understand and be skilled in what makes a good teacher.

Just the ‘nails’ side is NOT enough! There is a psychology to teaching there is also a different psychology to learning as every individual learns in a different way and, as a teacher you need to ensure you address every learning style whether you have 2 students or 200 students. that is a separate skill and one that needs learning and qualifying in.

In the UK the basic requirement is a qualification AET (Award in Education and Training post 16 years old i.e. adults) In my opinion this is not enough. It is the lowest qualification (which, in level order goes Award- Certificate-Diploma) It is a tiny qualification at Level 3.

Next is a CET (Certificate) is L4

Next is DET (Diploma) L5

A CET is totally acceptable and quite robust. DET (Diploma) L5 is a true teaching qualification but quite long to achieve.

What is the difference between a teacher and an educator?

It has been described as this:

There is a difference between education and teaching:

– education is a general term that is given to a collection of subjects (art, science, philosophy….) while teaching is a practical process that involves humans as dominant actors.
– education is a process while teaching is an occupation.

If you are or want to be a teacher it is your responsibility to ensure everyone of your students learns properly and retains the knowledge and puts it into practice.

If you have taken any of the NailKnowledge Courses, you may notice that there is repetition and several ways of describing the same piece of knowledge. There are also plenty of Knowledge Checks and Knowledge Points together with the final exam.

This is because it has been carefully planned for every learning style. Some like to read, some like to listen but most like to experience (the animations). It is also the teachers responsibility to check that every student has actually learned the topics. It is not enough to provide the information in one format (e.g. a manual) and leave it at that. Knowledge needs to be checked that every student has actually learned!

A Certificate of Attendance is pretty meaningless as it just means you were there  (maybe on your phone the whole time!). Whereas a Certificate of Achievement means that you were assessed that you have learned the topic. Much more meaningful.

Those nice courses that give out a Certificate at the end of the day are completely meaningless without some manner of assessment.

Being a teacher is a professional skill and one essential to teach ‘nails’ properly. You are letting your students down if you do not take this aspect seriously.

Just because you can do great nails is not enough!! Are you able to break down the application process so your students understand how and, importantly, why!

Can you describe every action of your pincel. and explain?
Why and how does it cura?
What is wrong if it doesn’t?
What if they get elevação after a few days?

There is so much more to teaching than nice nails!

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