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Sistemas de fibra de vidro

This is a three-part component system that uses a fabric mesh, resin and a resin activator to create artificial nail coatings. What’s in the fibreglass system? Fabric Mesh The fabric in this system provides a reinforced structure, acting like the polymer beads in the liquid monomer and polymer powder system, blocking cracks from spreading. Typically …

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Sistemas de gel UV

UV gel polishes were introduced in 2012 and revolutionised the industry. The polish was dry by the time the clients left the salon and while the service took slightly longer than the traditional manicure, it lasted two to three weeks. This new product revitalised nail services, as the UV gel polish manicure is an enhanced …

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Distrofia lamelar

What is Lamellar Dystrophy and what causes it? This condition is also known as Onychoshizia or delamination or splitting nails. The condition can originate when the matrix area is injured or affected due to the systemic disease. However, in most cases the direct impact of some chemicals takes place and the layers of the nail …

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O hiponíquio


This is the nail seal under the free edge of the nail plate at the distal edge of the finger. It forms a very tight seal that prevents bacteria and pathogens from entering the delicate and sensitive areas of the nail unit. There are many nerve endings within the hyponychium to act as a warning …

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Faixa onicodérmica

Faixa onicodérmica

The onychodermal band is the “natural smile line” of the nail unit, where nail bed epithelium bunches up to pass through  the tight seal of the hyponychium creating a grey line at the edge of the nail bed before the free edge of the nail plate. Ask the Experts What is the onychodermal band? The …

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Epitélio do leito ungueal

Epitélio do leito ungueal

Epitélio do leito ungueal Tecido epitelial fino na parte superior da derme do leito ungueal e sob a lâmina ungueal, que permite que a lâmina ungueal deslize, enquanto permanece fortemente presa ao leito ungueal subjacente por meio de sulcos e cristas interligados. Galeria de imagens

Nail Lunula

A Lunula

The lunula is the distal edge of the nail matrix and is the half-moon shape by or under the proximal nail edge, occasionally, visible through the nail plate. Most prominent on the thumbs, this is an area vulnerable to damage as it is full of slightly soft nail cells which are not fully  keratinised. Decoding the …


Placa de pregos

Placa de pregos

The nail plate is created in the nail matrix, where skin cells are modified and keratinised to become the hard, flat cells of the nail plate. It is the most visible part of the whole nail unit, covering the area from the nail matrix to the free edge and beyond. While it may appear to …

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The cuticle is created by the eponychium on the ventral (on underside) surface of the proximal nail fold.  The cuticle is formed of sticky dead skin cells that are shed by the living skin of the PNF just like the skin cells are from any surface of epidermis but instead of falling off in flakes, …

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The eponychium is an area of specialised skin cells on the ventral side of the proximal nail fold that produce the cuticle. Living skin underneath the proximal nail fold, is a thin layer that stretches from the nail matrix almost up to the frame of keratinised epidermis at the edge of the proximal nail fold …

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