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Unhas de acrílico

Unhas de acrílico. Sim ou não?


In the effort of making their feet look as good as possible, many people are looking to get acrylic (L&P) toenails. This is usually because their toenails are misshapen and they want a more uniform look. Or maybe they want to “camouflage” a problematic or missing toenail.

What would be the pros and cons of getting acrylic (L&P) toenails?


  • A very durable application, that can last for 3-4 weeks with no damage.
  • Misshapen nails can be sculpted to create a more uniform look.
  • Can cover a broken or damaged toenail until it grows out.
  • More arte em unhas possibilities.
  • Can sometimes help with ingrown nails, helping them to stay out of the skin.


  • L&P is a hard revestimento that can create damage to the unha natural, especially if it is a little longer, due to friction on shoes while walking, running, etc.
  • If there is any elevação, it is much more likely to get a fungal or bacterial infection. Shoes are the perfect environment for such infections!


  • Keep the toenails short, with slightly rounded corners. You do not want those toenails to catch on anything or dig into the client’s skin.
  • Reequilíbrio often to keep the length in check, and to make sure there is no lifting.
  • Sculpt in thin layers that will feel light but can still withstand everyday use.
  • Try to create the best shape you can while sculpting, and avoid too much filing. Toenails can be sensitive, and it is easier to damage the surrounding skin because of the small surface you are working on.
  • After taking a shower or being in the water, your client needs to make sure their toenails are completely dry underneath before putting on shoes.
  • Use a good nail oil daily on both the aprimoramento and the surrounding skin.
  • Wear open footwear.


  • Never apply L&P on anything but healthy toenails. Check for any signs of infection before moving forward with the service.
  • If most of the natural nail is missing, it would be better to create a temporary solution with a full coverage tip. Applying L&P on the bare nailbed can cause irritation, and can lead to alergias.
  • Avoid getting any loções or creams under the nail’s borda livre.

As you can see, L&P toenails do have their use, as long as they are properly applied and taken care of.
Proper application and maintenance can mitigate any risks, and your clients can have beautiful-looking toenails.

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