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Nail Science Key Learning

Do I really have to learn all this nail science stuff??

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The short answer is absolutely!!


If you’re reading this you either are or want to be a professional Técnico de unhas. The key word here is ‘professional’! This means that you know and understand your role and charge consumers/clients for your skilled services.

Your clients are human beings and you are providing a service on specific areas of their bodies that can have wider ranging implications for them. You MUST have an understanding of the areas of the body you are treating i.e. their hands and feet. You also need to know all about the unidade de pregos.

Without this knowledge how can you hope to provide safe and effective services, recognise problems, and advise on how to improve their skin and nail conditions?

Would you bother to visit a skincare brand counter in a department store if you thought the advisor had no knowledge of skin care or the products available? What would be the point? And this service is mostly free! Clients pay good money for YOUR knowledge, skill, and understanding.

Nail product science is key to master

The other part of the ‘science stuff’ is an understanding of the products you’re using. If you know nothing about them how can you explain to your clients why you even use them and convince them you are a good choice for their cuidados com as unhas professional?

Understanding how they work will allow you to troubleshoot when/if your client has a problem. Not after putting a question on Facebook and getting a wide range of answers, or even calling the brand to ask for their advice. But while the client is sitting in front of you!! Not only will you be able to solve the problem instantly, but you will also demonstrate to your client that you know what you’re doing!!

Imagine going to a hairdresser for colour and your hair turns the wrong colour or breaks off!!! Your hairdresser then says to come back in a couple of weeks so I can ask Facebook why this has happened!! Would you? Of course not!

NailKnowledge continues to promote the nail industry

I have taken part in a charitable project called Speakers for Schools. This I aimed at secondary schools where a lot of experts from many, many careers explain what the careers entail and how you can enter the sector.

A big focus of my teachings is that If you fancy joining the hair, beauty, and nails sectors then you must accept that the foundation is the ‘science stuff’. If that fills you with dread then it is time to rethink your chosen career path as it isn’t for you.

Nail Knowledge is key to your education and career

A level 2 beauty qualification involves a lot less science than a Level 2 nail qualification. If your education missed out on this, then you had the wrong ´education’. If you don’t want to put the time in for this area of your education, then forget that decision and find something else.

The ‘science stuff’ is non-negotiable. Get over it! Be a professional and know a whole lot more than your clients!

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