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How to reach the needy nail professionals

How to Reach the Needy?

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There are many profissionais de unhas who take their careers very seriously, believing that learning continues throughout, and doesn’t stop after qualifying. This is the group that reads articles and books, joins webinars, takes new courses each year for updating skills or learning new ones, and undertakes brand training for new launches or conversions. 

Then there is the ‘other’ group who believe that they are done after qualifying. They may not subscribe to anything; they may not even be on social media or, if they are, ask questions due to poor education and missing facts, but then only agree with the answers that they want to hear.

We all are aware of the 100’s of questions from those who haven’t heard of or don’t believe in ‘matched systems’, and continue to ask which the best cabine UV is to buy from Amazon. Or “which is the best camada de base to use to stop elevação (but I’m fine for colours)?” 

It is this second group that are the ‘needy’. But how to alcance them? How to persuade them to upgrade their knowledge and keep up with new research and new product launches that have something specific to offer? How to suggest that buying ‘cheap’ (for the sake of ‘cheap’) is not usually the best option, and will cost more in the end?

We, at NailKnowledge, have just launched, what we consider to be, a FREE video that provides new information that will help to understand why so many alergias are occurring and how to avoid them. We absolutely KNOW that the first group, described above, will watch this and take note. We also know that many who really need to know this information won’t bother because they know it all already!

It is a fact that MANY nail professionals have lost their careers due to severe reações alérgicas reactions. Even more clients can no longer wear any revestimento de unhas other than esmalte tradicional., and may be compromised if dental work, orthopedic procedures, or simple skin adhesives will be needed. 

This is lost careers and lost clients…forever!

NailKnowledge has MASSES of free information on its website! Obviously, we believe the best solution is to take the Course and have a far better understanding of the theory than many other courses teach. Then add on all the other info. We have even created a way of making the investment easier to achieve by separating the Masterclasses. 

So, back to the original question: how do we reach the needy? 

This group is having massive negative implications on the whole global sector! They affect us ALL with ultra-cheap services, and lack of knowledge and understanding. The result is unhappy clients that think we are all incompetent. 

If you fit into the first group then, please, do your best to encourage ALL to update their knowledge and skills with whatever method is appropriate. I truly believe it is the responsibility of the ‘good guys’ to try to make the nail sector a better place for us all.

Of course, we would like you to promote NailKnowledge and, especially share the FOC video on ‘Allergies and How They Happen’. This is free because we truly believe in the importance of ‘understanding’.

Not everything is about money! Ethics play a very big part.

Believe in the Science!

Find the ‘Allergies and How They Happen’ video aqui

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