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Qualified? Leave it there, job done.

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Here at NailKnowledge, we’ve been doing a little research in the sector on the awareness of the existence of our Course. 

Never mind the level of awareness here but we have been horrified over the majority of answers! They have been: “I’m fully qualified so don’t need any more education” WHAT?!?!

Just spend 5 minutes on any nail sector-focused social media platform (globally) and it is patently clear that the level of ‘fully qualified’ is, so often, sadly lacking! 

How can any professional who considers themselves a ‘specialist’ ever stop learning? This even applies in sectors where education and regulation are very high! A true professional knows that a lifetime of learning is a basic requirement! We happen to inhabit a sector where education levels are very questionable. “I don’t need any more education” REALLY? Everyone needs more education.

The nail sector is fast-moving. Research is happening all the time. New products are being developed and launched all the time. Understanding the physiology of the unidade de pregos is improving all the time.

There is no person on this planet, however expert they may be, that does not need more learning and understanding.

Going back to NailKnowledge, you just need to watch or read the testimonials to see that even very experienced profissionais de unhas learned something new. NailKnowledge is the most up-to-date and current with its fact-based learning. If there is something new to be understood, we will include it; often in free articles or animated videos. 

The nail sector needs to seriously change its attitude. No one knows everything. Continuing Personal Development (CPD) is part of the job as a nail professional! Every single nail pro should plan and budget to take several courses every year. And I don’t mean YouTube!

If education was as good as it should be, social media forums would be redundant other than for educated discussions. They would definitely not be used for asking basic questions that so often result in comments such as “Are you qualified?”
How is this sector going to be taken seriously if so many believe they ‘know it all’?

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