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Using Nail Nippers Correctly

Usar corretamente os cortadores de unha


Too many reels and videos on social media show profissionais de unhas giving a little tug when they use nail pinças.

Do not do this!!!

It can pull the skin and tear it and often cause it to bleed and leave it ragged.

The correct way to use nippers is to place the blades around the skin to be cut, squeeze them, release them, and move away.

By doing this the cut is accurate and will not tug and tear the skin.

Above all, do not cut the living skin of the prega ungueal proximal but only the dead removed skin that is the cutícula that is still attached.

The tiny scissors that are now readily available, straight or curved, are more accurate but NOT for using to cut off the band of clear skin at the base of the nail! ONLY cuticle!

Nail Nippers in use.
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