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What do clients need to know?

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I have recently read a thread about the ‘hype’ over a BIAB (builder in a bottle) type product. I would question about the amount of information given to clients about different types of products. Let me explain.

A wide variety of UV curado gels have been available to the industry for years. Thin ones, thick ones, runny ones, those that stay put, those that self-level and on and on. The fact that a thicker (more viscous) O esmalte em gel has been put into a bottle with a pincel. is, basically, just clever marketing aimed at the UV o esmalte em gel users or unha natural specialists.

There have been many issues where ‘non-aprimoramentoprofissionais de unhas have not learned about estrutura plus the understanding of a revestimento that is too thick for the underlying placa ungueal.

I am not going to go into the whole ‘alergia’ issue as much of the industry is aware of it but the understanding of how it happens is a whole other story (more to come on that from NailKnowledge)

Clients will only know about ‘BIAB’ if their nail pros hype it up to them! Absolutely educate your clients!! Essential professional practice. BUT, essentially clients want beautiful nails that have longevity regardless of the condition of their (healthy) nails and lifestyle.

Why do they need to know exactly how you achieve this? If you tell them everything then they will think: “This is easy, I’ll just buy it off Ebay/Amazon etc.”

When your hairdresser does your colour do they tell you that they’ve added XYZ to make your hair wonderfully glossy? NO! You just know how great your hair looks after the treatment! Maybe you go to a hairdresser who uses a well known brand? But do you know exactly what they use on your hair? You are either in the backwash and can see nothing or the ‘potions’ are mixed up in a special room. Of course, they will suggest retail maintenance products but not the XYZ. You just know you love the results!

So, what should you clients know about? (In no particular order)

  • you are a fantastically skilled and qualified nail pro
  • you have been educated properly and update your skills and understanding regularly
  • you use a good quality brand that provides great customer service and education
  • your brand may be recommended or read about in the media
  • your hygiene protocols are first class
  • your understanding of nails and skin allow you to assess what they need on-going
  • you are insured in the unlikely event of anything going wrong

Do they need to know the technicalities of exactly how you provide each individual with what they need? NO. They just need to be delighted with the results.

There IS no genuine hype with a ‘BIAB’ product. It doesn’t have to be in a bottle. It is just a marketing hype for a product that needs to be in your armory to give your clients the best service for THEM.

But in saying all that, there are some fabulous products that just happen to be in a bottle with a brush ‘because they work’!

Don’t mislead clients with a ‘hype’. Keep some secrets. Demonstrate YOUR skills and understanding and send they away beyond delighted with the results.

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