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Dani Bailey

Award Winning Nail Professional

Dani Bailey Award Winning Nail Professional

Dani is a Brazilian manicurist/nail artist living in the UK, and has been obsessed with nails since childhood.

Since setting up her business in Wales she has won many awards in the circuit for her art, including TrendVision Nail Technician of the Year UK and Ireland 2021.

Dani is a highly skilled content creator for various social media platforms, specialising in the nail industry. She collaborates with renowned experts, bringing their expertise to a global audience.

Her work spans international borders, contributing to the nail community in both the UK, Brazil and Portugal.  With a strong dedication to promoting in-depth nail knowledge, Dani is committed to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of nail artistry.

She is also a mum to two little girls who she adores.

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