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Creating an education revolution in the Nail Industry

Our Mission

NailKnowledge is on a mission to revolutionise the standard of education within the Nail Industry – to support Nail Technicians throughout their careers and ensure the safest possible practice. 

With the rise of allergies in both nail technicians and clients, and an abundance of cheap products from overseas with little or no brand education or quality standards – our mission has never been more important.

Bringing together three of leading experts to collaborate on course content, along with talented animators and designers, we are creating high quality educational content which will transform the way that Nail Technicians learn and ensure everyone within the Industry has access to the knowledge and training they need.

Fact based learning.

Meet the Learning Team

Marian Newman, BEM

marian newman nails

Doug Shoon

Doug Schoon

Vitaly Solomonoff

Explore the Essential Nail Professional Diploma


The Essential Nail Professional Diploma

16 animated and highly visual lessons in 3 Masterclasses, designed to help you understand the subjects of Anatomy, Product Chemistry and Health and Safety and gain the Essential Nail Professional Diploma.

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