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Meet the Experts

NailKnowledge’s Essential Nail Professional Diploma has been authored by our three highly respected experts, Marian Newman, Doug Schoon and Vitaly Solomanoff.

marian newman nails

Marian Newman BEM

Doug Schoon

Doug Schoon (Chemist)

Vitaly Solomonoff (Dermatologist)

Meet the Guest Experts

We wanted to ensure our training content was up-to-date, full of the latest science and information, and authored by leading experts. Our guest experts Tracy Anne Shelverton, Kelly Melanitou and Dani Bailey are knowledgeable and skilled in their fields.

Tracy Anne Shelverton

Tracy Anne Shelverton (Hand Health Care Specialist)

kelly melanitou

Kelly Melanitou (International Educator and Coach)

Dani Bailey Award Winning Nail Professional

Dani Bailey (Award Winning Nail Professional)

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