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2 years in the planning and making. A chance conversation between Marian Newman and Kevin Nicholls. Kevin said:”what about animated learning?” Marian replied: “Ooo, that could work!”

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Patch Testing

Patch Testing – Best Practice and Why

Just before salons in England were allowed to reopen on 12th April 2021, BABTAC issued a statement that patch testing for relevant treatments should only be carried out 2 weeks after a vaccination. This did cause a lot of anxiety

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Soak Off Vs E-file

Soak Off Vs E-File

We were asked recently for information on the topic of the removal of UV gel polish using the soaking method or e-file method. Let us address this question with fact-based information gained from experts in the topic. Firstly, the newly

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Back to work nail technician

Back to Work at Last! (UK)

What a dreadful year we’ve all had! But we have been promised that everything will be done to make sure this is the end of the last lockdown! Let’s hope! The whole of the UK is slowly reopening. Anxiety levels

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E-files, nippers, scissors: which is best?

Whenever there is an article or an SM post on these topics it always creates a lot of passionate responses, especially about the e-file for a manicure. It creates such a divide in the pro nail industry. There are many

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