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Nail Knowledge – How it Came About

2 years in the planning and making. A chance conversation between Marian Newman and Kevin Nicholls. Kevin said:”what about animated learning?” Marian replied: “Ooo, that could work!”


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Manicure Training is Essential

Manicures Before Enhancements: Building a Solid Base

It is not a good idea to skip gaining a manicure qualification and go straight to UV gel polish or enhancements. That is like learning how to colour hair without understanding hair! Why Manicure Training is Essential A manicure qualification

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Finger Nail Plate Yellowing

The Real Causes of Nail Plate Yellowing

Unveiling the Mystery of Nail Plate Yellowing We often receive questions about nail care issues that both perplex and frustrate professionals and clients alike. One recurring topic that sparks a lot of curiosity and concern revolves around nail plate yellowing.

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Staple Nails

Understanding Staple Nails and Solutions

Navigating Nail Transformations Nail health is a reflection of our overall well-being, but sometimes, even without apparent reason, our nails can undergo unexpected changes. Among these is the development of what some may notice as staple-like appearances, where nails, typically

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Consumers Facing Gel Polish Allergy Realities

Consumers Facing Gel Polish Allergy Realities

Increasing numbers of consumers are experiencing negative responses to gel polishes, particularly those using home kits obtained from high street stores and the internet. They report red and itchy skin on the fingers, face, arms or chest. When they stop

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