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What? Why? Who?

The Nail Knowledge project started nearly 2 years ago. It was a conversation between me and Kevin Nicholls that had gone around in circles for months! Kevin had a ‘good idea’, I couldn’t get to grips with it and on… Until he said, “what about animated learning?” Ooooo! That could work!

That moment was the birth of Nail Knowledge!

I have been a teacher and textbook writer since early 1990. I have seen the pro nail industry grow up. I have also seen the proliferation of short courses where the theory and understanding has taken a back seat to making ‘pretty nails’ and nail art.

These practical skills need to be taught in a classroom setting. The thorough understanding has, in so many courses, been relegated to a handout or superficial online training that is not tested. To teach this theory needs a passion and a deep understanding. I totally ‘get’ that this is not every nail pro’s ‘passion’. BUT, it needs to be taught!

Why use up valuable classroom time in talking and showing 2D diagrams?  A less than passionate teacher with the science knowledge will not create the perfect learning environment. Lets just ‘do nails’!!! Right!!!

Nail Knowledge! A unique method of learning that is built around the learner and addresses every ‘learning style’. Good teachers need to address every individuals learning style. Everyone is different in the way they learn. This is not easy with the theory, especially for the ‘visual’ learners.

Bring on my expert friends in the industry to ensure all teaching is scientifically accurate, current, and NOT brand based. Fact based learning.

The course is flexible and interactive. It provides the ESSENTIAL knowledge and understanding for a successful career in the nail industry. It is the beginning and leads onto further learning.

It is the understanding that every nail pro must have to make a successful career.

By animating all the facts, every beginner or qualified nail pro, can gain an in-depth understanding of all of the theory.

Leave the practice application skills for the classroom. Free up that valuable practical time and learn the essentials in your own time.

Great Educators want to show you the practical skills where you can gain feedback and help. They also want to know you have a deep understanding of the theory.

Nail Knowledge is the solution

The website is also a ‘go to’ resource for facts, information, and explanations. It is expanding all the time with additional Glossary terms, questions answered in Ask The Experts, and our Blog.

We have worked hard on creating a unique and essential learning resource. More courses will be added over time that will include additional and advanced subjects.

Enjoy the Masterclasses and especially enjoy the Essential Nail Professional Diploma

Marian Newman BEM

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