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NailKnowledge Digital Badges

When you successfully pass a NailKnowledge course, your achievement can be shown by displaying your NailKnowledge Digital Badge, a unique and verifiable visual representation of achieving the necessary level of skill and knowledge in the subject matter. 

The Nail Unit
Product Chemistry
Health & Safety
Certified NailKnowledge Professional
UV Energy & Gels
Allergies and How They Happen

We currently have six digital badges representing each of our three masterclasses (the Nail Unit, Product Chemistry, and Health and Safety), our NailKnowledge Professional diploma, Allergies and how they Happen and our UV Energy & UV Gels short course.

These badges are designed for use online, as they can be verified with a mouse click, and are created to be easily sharable on social media, but you can also print and display them, or include them in your CV.

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