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Product Chemistry Digital Badge

Issued by NailKnowledge

NailKnowledge’s Product Chemistry Digital Badge indicates the recipient has successfully passed the Product Chemistry Masterclass and attained a suitable level of subject competence in the science behind the products used in the nail industry.

Pass Criteria:

  • Complete over two hours of distance learning taught over five lessons
  • Successfully pass 10 knowledge points, 5 knowledge check exams, achieving 100 per cent.

Subjects Covered:

  • What is a chemical
  • Lotions, potions and polishes
  • Acrylics and their place in the industry
  • Liquid and powder
  • UV Gels and other systems

About the Course:

NailKnowledge’s Product Chemistry Masterclass explores the chemistry of nail products and what’s happening on the nail, explaining the polymerisation process, acrylics, UV gels, and liquid & powder, using powerful and engaging 3D animations to break down the complex science, so you understand the chemical reactions that lie at the heart of the nail industry. Find out more here

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