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Tracy Anne Shelverton

Hand Health Care Specialist, Columnist and Educator

Tracy Anne Shelverton

Tracy is a hand healthcare specialist*** specialized in the anatomy and pathology of the hands and nail unit.

Tracy is a teacher for Oncology Hand Care and registered OHV’r at IKNL and

Columnist for Nail Design Magazine in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Denmark.

Owner of Gorge Natural Nail Academy.

Developer of tools and nail files aimed exclusively at the natural nail.

Proud importer of Famous Names Products in the Benelux.

International Judge INJA.

Doug Schoon said “In my view, Tracy Anne Shelverton is one of the leading nail educators in the world today, she possesses an important trait that all educators should aspire to achieve. It’s NOT about being right, it’s about being correct”.

***In the Benelux a healthcare specialist is someone who observes that care is missing or not standardized in the case of a disease providing and or designing proper hand-care and implementing it in the health care system.

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