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UV Energy and UV Gels Digital Badge

Issued by NailKnowledge

This digital badge certifies the holder’s successful completion of NailKnowledge’s UV Energy and UV Gels Advanced Lesson, indicating the recipient has attained a suitable level of subject competence.

Pass Criteria:

  • Complete a one-hour distance learning on UV energy, UV gels and allergies
  • Pass two interactive knowledge points that test topic understanding
  • Achieve a mark of 100 per cent in a multiple-choice exam

Subjects Covered:

  • The polymerisation process
  • UV gels and UV lamps
  • Improper curing / proper curing
  • Allergies

About the Course:

NailKnowledge’s lesson on UV Energy and UV Gels provides the science behind this popular nail system and shows how to reduce the risk of allergies. Find out more here

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