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UV Energy and UV Gels

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In this advanced lesson, Marian Newman, NailKnowledge’s expert educator, explores UV energy and UV gels as well as the growing epidemic of allergies in the nail industry. What is going on under the lamp? How do UV gels cure? What’s a proper cure and what’s causing skin irritations and allergies? All these questions and more are answered in this hour-long exploration of the subject, with high quality animations that make understanding this essential but challenging topic, easy and enjoyable.

Lesson Content

Polymerisation Process

An introduction to the polymerisation process and the role of photo-initators in the curing of UV gels.

UV Energy

Gain a deeper understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum and the types of UV energy 

UV Gel Lamp Design

How the different design aspects of UV lamps affect the curing process.

Curing: a proper cure and improper curing

Simplifying the curing process, the risks involved and helpful tips to ensure a proper cure.

Allergies: an introduction

An introduction to the subject of allergies and the difference between an allergy and an irritation.

Allergies and how they happen

A deeper dive into allergies and how they happen, and importantly, how to avoid them.

Test your understanding

Two interactive quizzes and a final knowledge check will demonstrate your understanding of the learning objectives.

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