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Health and Safety Digital Badge

Issued by NailKnowledge

NailKnowledge’s Health and Safety Digital Badge indicates the recipient has successfully passed the Health and Safety Masterclass and attained a suitable level of subject competence in this essential topic.

Pass Criteria:

  • Complete two hours of distance learning taught over five lessons
  • Successfully pass 10 knowledge points, 5 knowledge check exams, achieving 100 per cent.

Subjects Covered:

  • Your working environment
  • Hygiene
  • The safe use of products
  • Allergies and irritations
  • Working with clients

About the Course:

NailKnowledge’s Health and Safety Masterclass provides essential health and safety advice to keep you and your clients safe. It includes strategies to minimise your risks from your working environment, dust, vapours, and products, as well as exploring the increasing problem of allergies and irritations. Find out more here

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