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The Nail Unit Digital Badge

Issued by NailKnowledge

NailKnowledge’s The Nail Unit Digital Badge indicates the recipient has successfully passed the Nail Unit Masterclass and attained a suitable level of subject competence in nail anatomy and nail conditions.

Pass Criteria:

  • Complete one hour twenty minutes of distance learning taught over six lessons
  • Successfully pass 12 knowledge points, 6 knowledge check exams, achieving 100 per cent.

Subjects Covered:

  • Anatomy of the nail
  • Nail plate growth
  • Nail plate structure
  • Nail bed and lunula
  • Nail seals
  • Nail conditions

About the Course:

NailKnowledge’s The Nail Unit Masterclass is the most comprehensive teaching on understanding the nail unit. It goes above and beyond usual education, and demonstrates, in an animated format, how the nail unit works and its individual components. Find out more here,

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