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Addressing Sudden Nail Staining Causes and Solutions

Addressing Sudden Nail Staining: Causes and Solutions

Exploring the realm of nail care unveils unexpected intricacies, particularly when it comes to dealing with nail staining, as shared by one of our valued clients. Despite conscientious efforts in application and curing techniques, they found their nail plates marred

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Nail Technicians Allergic Dermatitis from Nail Products

Nail Technicians: Allergic Dermatitis from Nail Products

Working as a nail technician can be a fulfilling career, offering the opportunity to create beautiful manicures and boost clients’ confidence. However, amidst the artistry and client satisfaction lies a hidden danger for some: allergic reactions to nail products, such

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Medications and nail senisitivity to UV light. Using a medication that heightens sensitivity to UV can lead to adverse skin reactions when using a UV nail lamp.

Medications and Nail Sensitivity to UV Light

Recently, a customer raised an important question regarding the potential effects of medications on nail health, particularly in relation to UV exposure. We understand the significance of this topic and are here to shed light on how certain medications can

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