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Nail peeling and flaking

Reasons Your Nails Are Peeling and Flaking

Understanding the Causes and Finding Solutions Your nails are not just an accessory; they can provide valuable insights into your overall health. Healthy nails are strong, smooth, and free from peeling and flaking. However, if you notice your nails becoming

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Discolored Nails

Unveiling the Mystery of Discolored Nails

Causes, Types, and Professional Solutions The beauty of well-manicured hands and feet is undeniable, but discolored nails can cast a shadow on that beauty. When nails develop unsightly yellow, green, or brown spots, it’s not only a cosmetic concern but

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Coated Nail Tools and Disinfectants

Coated Nail Tools and Disinfectants

The nail sector uses a lot of metal tools and there is a trend for coated nail tools for which there are many varieties available. Why are coatings used on metal nail tools, and what purpose do they serve? Coatings

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Why Do nail GELS Burn

Why does Gel Polish Burn?

The Shocking Reality of Gels That Burn! Shedding Light on a Burning Question As the demand for gel nails continues to rise, it’s essential to address the burning sensation that some individuals experience during the application process. If you’ve ever

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