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Nail Knowledge – How it Came About

2 years in the planning and making. A chance conversation between Marian Newman and Kevin Nicholls. Kevin said:”what about animated learning?” Marian replied: “Ooo, that could work!”

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rust and nail implements

Rust and metal nail implements

Most nail professionals have experienced rust on their metal nail implements at some point in their careers. Rust is a common concern since many people grew up hearing stories about how a rusty nail or other pieces of rusty metals

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The magic of hand and foot massage in nail services

The Magic of Hand and Foot Massage

As nail professionals, we tend to get “seduced” by new “toys” like colors, nail art, shapes, and gadgets. But sometimes we forget one vital part of our services: the magic of hand and foot massage. Touch plays a significant role

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DIY nail kits and allergies

DIY Nail Kits and Allergies

There is a general concern about the DIY nail kits on the market, claiming that home gel polish kits are an overexposure reaction waiting to happen. Some even say that this is the reason for the upswing in people’s allergic

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Product Lifting – Part 4

We are back with another part of our series on Product Lifting. Time to look into forms, tips, and adhesives. Incorrect size and fit of artificial nail tips It is important to choose the right size of tip for the

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pH balancer nail products

PH Balancer Nail Products

Understanding the products we use, when to use them, and why, is imperative in the nail business. Today we are going to discuss pH balancer nail products. If you understand pH, it will make many other important concepts much easier

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Make it rain with nail retail

“Make It Rain” with Nail Retail

Nail professionals are very creative people, willing to constantly learn new things, and great at multitasking. They are artists, technicians, psychologists, you name it! However, there are two words that simply terrify them: nail retail. Other professionals in the beauty

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