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Os géis UV são melhores para as unhas?

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Pergunta: São Géis UV better for nails than other types of enhancements?

Resposta: All nail aprimoramento products are safe for the unha natural if properly applied, maintained, and removed. No type of nail enhancement is safer or better for the natural nail than another. If nail damage occurs due to wearing enhancements, it is usually from over-filing or other improper practices during product application or removal. To prevent this, profissionais de unhas should work in a manner that protects the natural nail, and properly use artificial nail products. 

It is a fear-based marketing myth that certain types of nail enhancements are safer than others. This myth is designed to needlessly frighten people. Don’t be fooled by fear-based marketing tactics, get the facts.  If you do, you will learn that all nail enhancement systems, including UV gels, are based on acrylic ingredients and use acrylic química to harden or cura.  There are no exceptions to this rule! 

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