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A artrite ativa nos nós dos dedos afeta a placa ungueal com relação ao levantamento de peso?

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Does active artrite in knuckles affect the placa ungueal in regards to elevação?


Arthritis has many symptoms: –

• pain, especially during movement.
• stiffness, especially after periods of motionlessness, such as in the morning (starting pain)
• crackling sound/feel.
• restriction of movement.
- fluid accumulation (hydrops) in the joint.

None of these complaints can cause the lifting of artificial nail products on the nail plate, however:

Because the joint is swollen, the blood supply to the nail matriz e o unidade de pregos may change depending on the type of arthritis. Changes can happen in the surrounding tissue causing severe infections and/or thickening of the dobras nas unhas. A change even in the body’s own fluid balance in the nail unit i.e., changes in the amount of esqualeno, cholesterol or even the natural oil that the nail unit makes itself.

There are so many other complications that accompany arthritis and there are so many different formulários of arthritis.  A more detailed answer to the above question can only be answered if we were to establish more (specific) information such as: –

1. What product you are using.
2. What is the condition of the nail plate is.
3. Where the lifting is occurring.
4. How severe the arthritis is.
5. If there are other complications.

Some good general advice would be: –

If you have checked your product application and your prep conforms to the brand and, the lifting is still occurring – you could try applying something like a peel-off camada de base (but don’t peel it off). The reason that a product like this can help if you are having issues, is the different types of cola that are used to adhere to the unha natural.

This could be just what your client needs, also it makes product removal very much easier. But, remember, don’t peel it off, remove your product normally, remoção. removal will be much easier and maintain the integrity of the nail plate.

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