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Roer as unhas


What is nail biting and what causes it?

Roer as unhas is also known as Onychophagia which derives from the Greek word ‘phagos,’ meaning ‘to eat’. It is the condition when someone bites his/her own nails, and occasionally their cuticles. The condition can be a precursor of a nail tic if not treated in time.

Stress is a common cause, but severe nail biting can also be a symptom for mental illnesses and compulsive disorders. Biting the borda livre do placa ungueal can lead to bacterial infections, skin avulsions and onicólise.

A quem isso afeta?

Anyone – particularly individuals suffering from stress. Nail biting typically effects children/young adults. The condition may affect the free edge, hiponíquio, leitos ungueais, dobras nas unhas and sometimes cuticles.

Como os técnicos de unhas podem ajudar?

Técnicos de unhas play a crucial role in encouraging clients to take pride in the appearance of their nails; treatments such as nail sculpting, arte em unhas and polishes can help with that whilst also providing a barrier for biting. Nail art is especially effective for children/young adults.

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