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A manicure com gel UV é segura para quem já teve problemas de saúde na pele?

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Is a uv gel manicure safe for someone with previous skin health issues


Is a O esmalte em gel manicure. safe for someone who has previously had câncer de pele and made full recovery with no further treatment? Would the lâmpada para unhas cause a risk?


There is no reason that it should, as a reasonable quality lamp should only emit UVA. But, your client could be classed as vulnerable and may have concerns. Also, it is worth protecting yourself in case the cancer returns and she thinks it was the UV.
I would suggest using a high SPF cream on her hands (avoiding the nails) or using fingerless gloves. There are now some available that have their own UV protection.
You can explain about nail lamps so it doesn’t seem that you are admitting any risk, just to allay any fears or concerns.

You can read more about UV nail lamps here:
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Example of fingerless glove that can be used for protection during a UV gel manicure.
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