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mixing nail systems


I just wondered if you had any info or know where I could get some guidance regarding mixing nail systems! I’m seeing people using géis construtores but they are using a different o esmalte em gel e top coat, and I want to know if this is safe?


Mixing nail products and breaking systems can be a “dangerous” practice as you never know how these products are going to react with each other. The main problem is going to be quebra de serviço
Mixing different brands of liquids and powders is an easy way to compromise the polimerização do aprimoramento. In the same way, mixing UV base/top coats and Géis UV/gel polishes compromises adhesion, as well as polymerization since not all UV products cure properly in the same lamp. 

Having said that, if you create the enhancement with one complete builder gel system, then it is alright to apply a different gel esmalte system on top. As long as both systems are completed, and curado in their respective UV lamps, then it should be safe.

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