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GEL UV misturado com acrílicos - consultas de cura

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What is your opinion on Géis UV that are mixed with Acrylic Powders that are specifically “pigmented” in regards to getting a full cure? I have noticed I must apply these products (they have a lot of names but are sometimes called poly-gels, gel clays, sculpting gels, etc.) in very thin layers when pigmented in order for the product to actually become hard all the way through. What I find worrying is that there is a narrative being spread that it’s okay for these products to be under-cured (a thick ball with an under-curado center is being said that no produtos químicos will seep out).


It has been proved that under-cured revestimentos DO leech out during wear!


What I thought to be true was that any under-cured gel can seep out. Another narrative being spread as well is that these pigmented products will cure no matter how thick they are applied, and nail influencers are saying “just cure them longer”.


Curing longer will help. But any revestimento (pigmented or not will have difficulty in a cura adequada if it is applied too thickly

As usual, manufacturers instructions and using a matched system should be accurate. But it is clear that some brands do not do adequate testing to ensure this. Stick with trusted brands where there is a good chance that testing has been done or even ask for proof of such testing

Question: Layers over 1 mm do not cure in my experience and I see NailTok showing balls from 5-10 mm in thickness. I want to be very clear I am talking about these products that are pigmented, so the light is not as able to penetrate, not the clear versions of these products.


I agree! Opaque coatings applied thickly have little chance of a proper cure and therefore leeching or problem during removal

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