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A Covid ou a higienização das mãos está afetando os serviços de unhas?

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Yes!!! This is the short answer.

The longer answer is twofold:

1. Covid19, social distancing, and the vaccination is definitely affecting people’s sistema imunológico. All of these things have affected an individual’s immunity. So, where someone did not display any reações alérgicas reactions before, they may be now. Research has shown that immunity has changed and can be different for, up to 2 weeks, after the vaccination.

Como profissionais de unhas we need to be very aware of this situation. Watch out for any unusual or unexpected reactions. It can happen at any time. It can also be very fast so educate your clients to come back to you if they notice anything different.

If there is a reaction, the only solution is a dermatological test to see what they are reacting to. Changing brands is not the answer!

2.  Hand sanitising, which uses alcohol, can most certainly affect the condition of the placa ungueal. It is drying. Acetona is the MOST effecting as this will break the bonds between the revestimento and nail plate. But hand sanitisers can have a cumulative effect.

Hand limpador is the 2nd choice for hand hygiene. Washing with soap and water is the 1st choice.

Even with a coating, the nail plate will absorb an amount of water. This should NOT effect the adhesion of the coating BUT it can effect the borda livre.

Educate your clients. They must not stop hand sanitisation! But be rigorous at ‘capping’ the free edge.  Daily use of a good nail oil is also essential.

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