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Devo desinfetar todas as escovas de unha?

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should i disinfect all nail brushes?


Should we desinfetar nail/o esmalte em gel escovas? What about brushes for nail enhancements?


Organisms that cause infections need food and water to survive or grow. Nail polishes, base coats and top coats do not contain food or water. In this harsh environment, the “germs” die quickly. The same is true for aprimoramento nail products such as liquid & powder systems and Géis UV. Infections are not likely to be spread by either type of brush. Therefore, there is no need to disinfect these nail brushes.

Recent studies have shown that bactérias will die almost as quickly as they come in contact with nail esmalte. However, this assumes the product is applied to nails that appear healthy. If there is any sign of an active infection, nail pros should not apply any product nor should they perform any services. If a polish or enhancement brush is accidentally touched to a visibly infected nail, it should be properly discarded in the trash. It is extremely important to remember that profissionais de unhas should NEVER apply product to nails that do not appear to be healthy.

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