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Qual é a diferença entre HEMA e di-HEMA?

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Qual é a diferença entre HEMA e di-HEMA?
Well, their only similarity is that they are both monômeros, and both are used in acrylate-based revestimentos de unhas.

They have a very different molecular estrutura, with di-HEMA being considerably larger than HEMA.

HEMA is metacrilato de hidroxietila

di- HEMA is Trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate

HEMA is a known high-level alergênico.
Todos acrilatos are allergens, but di-HEMA is considerably less so. This is almost certainly due to its molecular size and less ability to penetrate the skin.

They are both safe to use if used correctly, by a qualified profissional de unhas., and in appropriate percentages.

They have both been banned in the UK and EU for RETAIL products. This is due to the high possibility of HEMA causing an reação alérgica when used incorrectly. It would appear that di-HEMA has also been banned, purely due to the perceived connection to HEMA.

Any nail product with these ingredients must be “For Professional Use Only”.

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